Friday, 28 February 2014

Time to exhale

Have you ever had that feeling of marching at the same point like forever?In motion and no movement?You cannot seem to move forward,neither backwards.You just stagnant. Temptations are parasites just like procrastination. These two fight  an emotion,spiritual and physical battle within us.Everyone of us has that thing that pulls them away from achieving their goal.

While I'm at it,procrastination should not deter you from losing that post-baby weight.Don't lean on excuses! Try,try,try and conquer.The joy of a battle won cannot be compared to the sorry regretful look of failure.For those that are panting hard after taking two stair steps,work on losing that extra kilo.Remember prevention is better than cure.

When i named this blog post time to exhale i was tired of living a cycle kind of life. It just does not complete me at all. I was smiling but i was not happy inside. I talked positive but guilt made me wallow inside.

You might just be wondering why are my friends moving on and getting it in life while i work so hard but nothing seems to add up my side. Going spiritual, Jonah had an assignment from God to him. He chose to go his way and forsake the message from God. What happened next made him abide. Swallowed by a whale and taken to Nineveh to spread the gospel,he followed God's instructions the hard way. Our own self told thoughts bind us and do us no good without involving Him.It is time to exhale and break that cycle of disobedience,fear,addiction you name it.

No matter what the circumstances are, when we disobey God, we stay miserable and miss out on what He has for us. We might even obey God a little  then  discover that partial obedience is still disobedience.#Just Saying.

# have a lovely weekend lovelies.much love!!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Our little angel

With those hands she first held me in her arms,
With those hands she held my hand and led the way,
Watched me grow up and wipe all those tears,
With those hands she put me to bed every single day,
With those hands she installed discipline,
I hated her then,now i am forever greatful,
With those hands she taught me to write,feed,wash,cook,
I will forever be greatful to those hands .

Now the precious little life in me,
I am so anxious,
Is it a boy or a girl? I wonder....
You are my pearl,my ruby,my small angel,
You kick mummy so hard at times she cannot sleep,
Times you are so hungry and move so much,
I am not annoyed little one,
You make mummy so proud.

The kicks make me think you will be a footballer,
Just like your daa-dee who calms you down always,
Times i go out of breathe and get so tired,
But i will not give up fighting for you,
You are my bundle of joy,my rhythm and blue forever,
Your little room is ready.Painted pink and purple,
I know you'll love it because daa-dee and mummy made it,
I love you to bits and pieces.

I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you,
Hear that first cry - that will be my happiest day,
I sit here admiring your tiny clothes. I smile,
I am so anxious so is daa-dee,you two will make a great team,
I will always rock you and put you to bed everyday,
I warn you though,i will punish bad behavior,out of love though,
Mummy will always have your back,
My love for you is forever.

Don't kick too hard tonight my little angel,
I have already fed you so don't  grumble today,
Daa-dee is really tired ,lets not wake him today,
He will hold our hands through the night till dawn,
We are counting days for you to be in our arms,
Lay calm in your little nest and relax,
My little angel....
Mummy loves you. 

Below is a video appreciating mother's hands...enjoy!!

PS: Every day is Mother's Day right?


Dedicated to Munyiri Jnr.,Ryan and Jaden,i love you little handsome boys to death,soon you will have a new playmate.To Joan,Patricia and Rhoda you are my best girlfriends,sisters and family. Much Love.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Gift right....

Valentine Day. It is just a few days away. This is when those in stable relationships reaffirm and express their love. The singles watch the day pass all grumpy as they watch the roses,cards and chocolate exchange.

 Women absolutely love the surprises they receive on Valentine’s day while men on the other hand are typically only surprised to wake up realizing it is a holiday and should have added that on the reminder list in their phones with the big red hearts to remind them. Lest they get the nasty mean stares from their ladies. 

Lovers take a chance to go on exotic trips, host exotic diners thus marking this day in style. A lot of gift exchanging is done all with love. You could, of course, do chocolates. Or roses. Or just stick around home and reflect on each others love milestone with a simple candlelit diner and a simple card!

Last year a friend received a gift well wrapped. It was a set of cufflinks. They were not that classy but they were something. It was Valentine anyway. He smiled but it was not a genuine one. Days later the girlfriend was up on his neck asking why he did not wear the set of cufflinks with his shirts. Men are made of excuses and this was just the perfect time an excuse would resurface.

The cufflinks were made in a shape of a teddy bear with a smile on them. To make the matter worse, they were pink in color with a slashing white color. No man would walk to the bar to meet his boys with pink teddy bear cufflinks . It would be a total joke to crack the boys in the lounge. It would be like missing that favourite rugby game with the aim to cook diner and baby sit rather than hang with the boys.

Men however never go wrong on gifts on any season. All a lady would want is perfume,make up,chocolate and sexy lingerie just to mention a few. They never have much to think about. 

A good gift shows that you know your man or your lady right. The mutual giving deed this Valentine speaks volumes to partners.The trick is to buy something that each of you will always have and that which will make you think fondly of each other even when miles apart. Every time you look at your gift it should remind you constantly of that special moment with him/her.

For the ladies,don't get your man what you would want him to get you - get him something that speaks volumes about his personality. 

This Valentine and every other day let your man know he is loved and that you know him best. Your man brags to his friends that you are one in a million and that he would not trade you for anything.Prove that by gifting him/her right.

 Remember this day is not just for the couples. You could choose to break the tradition approach with flowers, cards and chocolates and show love to those people whom you truly love. You could give that call to your dad and tell him you miss and love him, they don't get that often from you. You could spoil your mother on that lunch treat or even cruise along with the girls or boys for a road trip since the day falls on a weekend. Or better yet treat yourself to that spa moment!Offer yourself the same thing you give to all of the loved ones in your life, and make the effort to show yourself a little love!

From me.... Have a Happy Valentine! Much Love!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cancer Day 4th February

It is a thief!!

Cancer has robbed two family treasures in my life. Life flowed energetically in them and they had a long way to go. They could have seen their children graduate,walk their daughters down the aisle,be there to be called grandparents....they are no more.

Days where we said we wish we knew and detected the plague early are long gone. They are in a better place with no pain. How i wish that they had recovered and be ambassadors of hope to those affected by the disease frail and fragile.Those who see just darkness and pain,those that see no light at that tunnel end.

On this day i celebrate a battle well fought by Steve and Jane. Though not physically here i know that they are at peace and are looking down upon us. Our guardian angels,you are forever in our hearts.May your souls rest in eternal peace.

 Cancer is said to be caused by malignant cells these leads to the  uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. The cancer may  spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Not all tumors are cancerous.

On this day, February 04, World Cancer Day (WCD) is observed to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. The cancer disease has turned out to be an epidemic and the world unites to fight the dreaded disease that kills slowly. The most common cause of cancer-related death is lung cancer. 

The day is used to create awareness and aims to help save millions of preventable deaths each year  and education about cancer, and pressing to governments and top leaders across the world to take action against the disease.

The number of cancer cases and related deaths worldwide is estimated to double over the next 20 to 40 years. With the greatest increase in low and middle income countries, those least equipped to cope with both the social and economic impact of the disease. 

You can reduce the risk of getting a cancerous tumor by,eating a healthy diet,exercising regularly,limiting alcohol,maintaining a healthy weight,minimizing your exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals,not smoking or chewing tobacco,reducing sun exposure, especially if you burn easily.

Cancer screenings, such as mammography and breast examination for breast cancer and colons copy for colon cancer, may help catch these cancers at their early stages when they are most treatable. Some people at high risk for developing certain cancers can take medication to reduce their risk.

Remember prevention is better that cure!!